Welcome to ASCE Colorado Section

The Colorado Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers was formed in 1909. Since then the Section has been actively involved in the advancement of the science and profession of civil engineering in the great state of Colorado.

The Colorado Section of the ASCE allows civil engineers who live and/or work in the Colorado community to network, exchange ideas, build leadership skills and create lifelong professional connections. We are continually looking for motivated volunteers.


Colorado Candidate Responses

ASCE Colorado Section's Legislative Committee asked all Colorado candidates to respond to several questions relating to issues important to our profession. Below are the responses received. ASCE Colorado Section reminds its members to cast your vote this election.

Candidates for Governor

Candidates for US Senate and House

Candidates for State Senate


Community Outreach

ASCE Colorado Section is active in Denver and the surrounding areas. Read more about our Community Outreach.

Infrastructure Report Card 2013

Every family and business needs infrastructure to thrive – from your road to work, to your internet, to the pipes bringing clean water to your house. In a new app format, the American Society of Civil Engineers' 2013 Report Card for America's Infrastructure puts the most comprehensive and clear reference available on America's infrastructure in your pocket.
View the National Report Card
View the Colorado State Report Card

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